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Other resources for teachers:
  •  Create crossword puzzles that you can print out & use in class or post online. Check out puzzle links under Activities for some examples.
  •  Create Jeopardy games for your classes; good for reviews and more!
  •  Create online flashcards for yourself or your students, or use ones that have already been created.
  • This is the only site that I’ve posted that isn’t free, but it’s definitely worth the money. Instead of buying multiple BINGO games, you can purchase and download this software for $25.00 and create an unlimited number of BINGO games. Site owner is pleasant and responds quickly to questions.
  • Free, and you can make bingo cards with images. Great for reviewing vocab!
  •  Has a list of bilingual resources (most suited to elementary level) and very nice quality outline maps.
  • Program available at no cost to educators who make their materials freely available; you can create a variety of different kinds of activities and post them online.

Resources for students:

Options for adding accent marks to letters:
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